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9 daily habits that can lead you to live a great life

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Have you looked at the habits that permeate your day? And wouldn’t you like to change some, only you do not know what to replace them with? Here I present a simple list to help you start on the way to change, be it with some morning routines or to lose weight (do you know that one of the best ways to do that is combining it with hypnosis?), or to gain more energy and introduce some fresh ideas into your day.

Jon and Missy Butcher recommend these 9 habits as the basis to a good life:

1. Of course, one habit that cannot be missed is exercise. To be IN your body and go through the motions of any exercise that you choose, any length of time, is essential for your wellbeing, physical end emotional.

2. Green smoothies! Yes, the best energy boost you can give your body every day, with avocadoes, cucumbers, celery, any other greens you like, and sweeten if necessary with carrots, or similar.

Establish some connection rituals if you have a partner, or do something similar with friends:

3. A daily walk and catch up time.

4. Weekly overnight date night, or movie night or dinner…

5. Afternoon naps – especially powerful if you work hard in the mornings and want to have something left for the afternoon

6. Incorporate some meditation time – it centres you

7. Gratitude – remember each day to be grateful for what is already present and for what is to come

8. Journaling – writing down your dreams, plans, experiences

9. A good recommendation for a career habit: find when your best and most creative 2 hours are and use them to work – don’t let emails, phone, etc. distract you!

In the end it comes down to pay attention to your own natural rhythms: do you like working out in the mornings or the afternoons? Are you more creative when you wake up or in the evenings? Together with your wellness coach you will create your life vision and then introduce the habits that will lead you to living it!

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