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Meet Ingrid.


My story begins in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I was born. I grew up with a german background, and travelled and moved a lot in my younger years. One of the hightlights was sailing from South America to SouthAustralia on a yacht with 5 others. While in Palma de Mallorca on the Balearic Islands, I met Nick, my partner, and came to Australia, where our son Matthew was born. We backpacked through South America, walked the Inca trails in Peru and Bolivia, traversed the USA from Miami to LA, always with Matt on the back, and brought Camilla, our daughter, home from Taos.

The 2 children helped me realize that after being so focused on myself, family is really what matters most to me, as well as a space, a home we share together. So I, so to speak, 'settled'. And I have lived in this beautiful part of the world, the Northern Rivers of NSW, for over 20 years.

At the age of 2, Matt was diagnosed with asthma and even labelled as chronic with predictions of lifelong limitations. I started looking into other modalities: exercises, diets, naturopaths, chiropractor, homeopaths, etc. and he developed ino a healthy boy, and I was sold on alternative health possibilities.

In this time I had been smoking on and off finding it each time more difficult to stop, until I found this system. I was so impressed with it that I decided to learn it and dedicate myself to help others like me. It is quite demoralizing to be so controlled by another substance!

I've never looked back...

And then I added a 2nd program designed to deal with weight issues, under the same structure. Both programs comprise one longer hypnotherapy session that has been specifically designed for this purpose and that I tailor to the client. It also has built in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques that enhance its effectiveness. It is safe, with no side effects and provides a very relaxing experience! Hypnosis cuts the habitual neural pathway to allow space and opportunity for new healthy habits, and NLP reinforces it.

Among the benefits of this system is a life-time guarantee that covers any follow-up sessions in the event they are needed, no matter what time has passed, plus additional products to assist with detoxification and de-stressing.

And lastly, I added the qualification as a Wellness Coach to offer additional support, and the opportunity for clients to gain a fuller picture of other areas of wellbeing, so they can feel empowered to make their best lifestyle choices.

Why me?

- I am available 24/7, and offer unlimited back up. So if you want to give up smoking or want to improve your weight, there is no reason not too!

- I have the experience of being a former smoker and having gone through weight fluctuations, so I can empathize with my clients

- I feel passionate about empowering others towards health and assisting them with little tweaks here and there.

I still marvel each time anew at the efficacy of this system when I hear from former clients how their life has been turned around!


Let’s Work Together

24 Yamble Drive

Ocean Shores, NSW 2483

Tel: 61-431582438

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