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Hi People.

After 24 years of smoking a packet a day, I am proud to say (thanks to Ingrid)
I am now a non smoker. I do believe everyone has a different result , for me it has been a little bit hard but also very easy aswell. It’s now been almost 3 months and I breathe with less effort, I don’t get puffed out as quick,I feel fresher, cleaner and healthier, more balanced in my moods and the best part I’m saving about $200 a week!.

I had never seen a hypnotherapist before and I had no idea what to expect, I’d seen the tv shows!!. This is nothing like that. Basically it’s a call to Ingrid, have a good chat then relax in a chair and listen to Ingrid talk. For me after the session I still felt like a smoke and had to use a bit of willpower to cope. One thing with this method is, if you need to you can repeat the process as needed without any extra cost, I had to and had a second session a few days later which helped and proves this method is there to help you not there to money grab.

My advise to potential
Quit smokers would be. Set an appointment about 2 weeks time so you have a couple of weeks to think about it, have a goal to buy something with the money saved, I bought a bike and have started cycling.
The first 3 weeks is the toughest then it gets dramatically easier, you will also have more time,be prepared for this.

Do it, a little pain for a massive gain.You will be thankful, happier, richer and have a massive feeling of self pride when you do.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 
AO 8.10.16

J.M.  23.5.23

"I haven't had a cigarette since!And I am not experiencing the cravings  had when I tried to cut don before. Very impressed with the Quit Cigarettes system. It was a delight to meet Ingrid who gently but firmly hypnotised me after a good discussion aobut the issue.

It has also been helpful to have the Stop Smoking Back Flower remedy and lung tonic to assist the transition.

I have been a moderate smoker for almost 50 years so it is like saying good bye to an old friend and it is interesting to watch the triggers rise and fall and say no to what was once my go to. Highly recommended!"

P.J.    7.9.23

"Thank you , Ingrid, for your help in my quitting of cigarettes. I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders today as I start the journey of a non-smoker.  I gave up for 3 years after our first consultation. Fell off the wagon. But now I'm back on. Many thanks"
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J.W. 9.1.15

"I feel I have freed myself from cigarettes. I can get through the day without thinking about cigarettes. I am not tempted when other people smoke cigarettes around me. I do not need a cigarette to feel good. I am in control of my choices."

R.H. 4.5.15

"It has put me back in touch with my true bodily values. I feel released from the false bonds that smoking trapped me within. I now feel perfectly free and thus capable of living my life by employing the true values that are so important to me, healthy breathing and the true joy of living."

J.B. 9.9.10

"‘I can look forward to breathing freely and deeply without any pain or phlegm in my throat. I look forward to having an abundant reserve of energy, and the desire to experience pain-free exercise. Being a non-smoker ROCKS!!!"

A.A. 29.4.13

"I can go back to feeling clearer in the mind and body, free of discomfort. I can breathe deeply and appreciate the feeling and smells, and I can exercise, eat well, and know my body is in the best possible shape."

J.A. 31.10.11

‘"I feel empowered that I have the control to achieve anything that I want to achieve. (And feel good about it)."

J.B. 4.2.13

"Ingrid’s voice helped me find a relaxed realm, and I now feel empowered to breathe fresh air for the rest of my life."

M.P. 31.3.12

"It’s the best thing/present I could have given myself ever!"

S.R. 15.8.11

"I felt safe, comfortable and supported. I now feel I have gained the tools to remain a non-smoker. I am free."

L.A. 25.10.13

"I am happy that I came and saw Ingrid, as she has enabled me to achieve my goal of becoming a non-smoker. I now believe I can take back control of my life and enjoy my life being a healthy, happy and more relaxed person. I can cope with the many stresses of life knowing that I do not need to rely on cigarettes."

R.C., 21.7.14

"I now feel I have kicked the habit for good and look forward to applying what I’ve learned to enhance my future with my kids."

T.E. 26.1.11

"Having the extra help and encouragement has given me new ways to battle my problem with cigarettes. Ingrid has awoken my power of self and I believe, has given me a fresh start to my life. Thanks."

L.S. 10.2.11

"I will now live a much happier and healthier life. I will be able to watch my kids grow up, and live with the knowledge that I truly did my best as a parent and person to be ‘the best I can be."
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