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5 Ways To Beat Procrastination Around Weight Loss

How often do you say to yourself ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘I’ll start on Monday’, ‘I’ll do this other thing first and then…’, etc.? We often put things off when we don’t feel comfortable with either how to go about it or it seems too difficult to us. Yet we often feel the most satisfaction when we actually achieve these tasks we deemed so challenging, like losing some weight.

So here are a few tips to help you along:

1. Start easy and make a plan. Schedule your tasks – this makes it real. Once you do the first step – in this situation it could be the phone call to me to gather information – you are actually getting things rolling. The start is the hardest, though once you have started, use the momentum to plan ahead.

2. Which brings us to the second tip: break it down! Losing 20 kg might seem a huge task, but when you break it down in a few concrete actions, you see things happening and they seem doable.

3. Throughout all this, be nice to yourself. Give yourself some slack, accept that we all learn from what we perceive as ‘failures’, that there is wisdom in ‘failing’ or getting off the track. Bring yourself back, and complete a small task that leads in the right direction. Be mindful of what you are saying to yourself, and correct any negative internal monologues. For example, you could shake your head when you have negative thoughts or say ‘No No No’ to yourself.

4. And don’t forget to have your ‘WHY’, the motivation, the reason you are doing this, always present. It is important to dig down and get the personal reason behind it. This will sustain you and keep you on track.

5. And lastly, focus on your outcome: what is it that you want to achieve in the end? So when you doubt that you can continue, you imagine how you’ll feel if you follow through. Your mind is geared to keep you safe and within the known, so you have to take control and guide it through the new parameters you are setting.

So, if your goal is to lose a few kilos and reach your ideal weight, whether you are in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the Byron Bay area, pick up the phone and start changing your mindset!

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