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Activated charcoal – how can it help when you stop smoking?

When you stop smoking, your body will probably detoxify, and get rid of the chemicals and poisons the cigarettes left behind. Activated charcoal can help that process along.

So, activated charcoal: what is it and what can we use it for? These days everybody has heard of it though we often are unsure on how to use it.

Activated charcoal is made using carbon, combining it with different gases and exposing it to very high temperatures. This increases the surface area of the nutrients, which has a negative charge, and this then traps the chemicals and toxins due to their positive charge.

Activated charcoal has powerful toxin-cleaning properties, and it can be used for emergency treatment of some poisonings and even overdoses.

Other uses include:

· As part of a water filtration system, commercially or at home. Activated charcoal can absorb and interact with a range of chemicals, bacteria, fungus, toxins and viruses found in water.

· As body care: for oral health purposes, to absorb odours of infected wounds, and draw microparticles (chemicals, toxins, bacteria) to the surface of the skin for easier removal, as a deodorant and to absorb excess moisture.

· Help improve kidney function by removing toxins and reducing gastrointestinal damage and inflammation.

· Assist with intestinal gas and bloating, reducing abdominal pain and gas accumulation.

Always do your own research before selecting a product and consult with a practitioner if it is indicated for the use you intend to give it. Take care of your own body!

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