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7 tips to improve your skin when you stop smoking

Your skin is the last eliminatory organ of your body. Toxins that have not been eliminated otherwise will eventually show up on the skin giving it a blotchy and unhealthy look, and manifesting often as eczema and psoriasis. To avoid getting to that stage, and helping a good detox along, especially if you stopped smoking and have quit those cigarettes, there are some steps that you can implement easily into your daily routine: 1. Drink more water (at least 2 lt daily) and increase the intake of plant based meals to at least 50%, including fruits and veggies, seeds and nuts and legumes. This will help digestion and eliminate accumulated toxins. Add dietary fiber to ensure things ‘moving along’ and some fermented foods to energize your gut. 2. Add more plant oils to your diet: avocados, olive and coconut oils. This will nourish the gut and help the skin stay healthy. 3. Take regular salt baths; easy when you live near the beach and can jump in the ocean! Otherwise indulge in a salt bath rich in minerals, which will help detoxifying your skin. 4. Spend some time in the sun! Enjoy regular exposure to sunshine and stock up on vitamin D. Check up on the safest times to go out for half an hour in the sun in your area. 5. Research your skin care products for ingredients that might rather harm your skin than do it good. 6. And lastly, consider detoxing, fasting and cleansing to clear up any problems and help your system along. There are plenty of easy plans out there, and a day of juices, or some intermittent fasting can assist the body eliminating toxins and cleansing. Especially when you stop smoking! 7. Look at the stressors around you and find ways to reduce them or the effect they have on you, by trying out yoga, meditation, regular walking or other exercise. Stress is often considered one of the main causes of skin disorders!

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